Gang Education

Truth About Gangs Presentation

The Truth About Gangs presentations provided by Odd Squad police officers are multi-media and reality-based, drawing on years of experience the officers have in dealing with Gang issues while working in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area. The audience’s range from Gang entrenched students through to mainstream students and their potential recruitment into the gang world. We also present to adults and community groups. Presentations are age-appropriate. Youth presentations are designed to emphasize the importance of making good decisions and choices for a healthy and gang-free life. Ex Gang members who lived to talk about it do just that with the youth.

Officers are available for a detailed question and answer period following the educational presentation. Our Q&A comes highly recommended.

Her Time

Det. Cst. Sandy Avelar and Det. Cst. Anisha Parhar


Provide women with the tools, resources and knowledge on the dangers of the gang lifestyle. With the assistance of females previously involved in the gang world, our subjects will be exposed to numerous stories/experiences involving the girlfriends, wives, sisters and mothers of active gang members.


This initiative will be delivered through presentations.

We will present to students of high schools and post-secondary institutions on the historical and current status of BC gangs and their effects on the women associated. In addition, this will offer women who are currently involved in the lifestyle assistance with an exit strategy.

We will provide access to resources that will assist women in an exit strategy. i/e doctors, psychologists, career counselors, and additional law enforcement members.

Her time hosts a day of fitness, presenters, and an organized sporting event for those selected women.

We are determined to make a difference within this specific group. There are currently no programs run by two female officers targeting females.