Film & Education


Our reality-based approach to education addresses major social problems that affect our communities. By tackling these issues OSP remains at the forefront as a highly regarded resource directed at education and prevention awareness for youth. Our programs are vetted by education and curriculum experts, and Odd Squad is always at the front end of the current drug trends for youth.

Digital Media

Odd Squad has made several award-winning documentaries, including ‘Through A Blue Lens’ and continues to produce reality-based educational modules focussing on the perils of drugs, addiction, and the truth about gangs.

Odd Squad creates educational documentaries, PSAs, video modules, for students, parents, educators, and law enforcement.


With a crew of Subject Matter Experts in all aspects of policing, investigations, geographic profiling, crime, serial crime, active killers, mental health, drugs, use of force, crime beat reporting, film production and much more, the legendary Odd Squad Team is ready to help your production shine with authority and accuracy.

We offer all types of consultation including script review, technical support, directorial consultation, location guidance, scene construction, tactics, and props advice.

And every time you hire an Odd Squad expert, you will also be contributing to the non-for-profit Odd Squad Production Society’s important prevention work educating youth on drugs, gangs, and bullying.

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Odd Squad JRS

The Odd Squad Junior Series will profile educational and prevention-based topics for youth by youth! Odd Squad is committed to helping educate through Four Pathways: Digital Media, Physical Literacy, Presentations and Peer-to-Peer programs. Join us for the video journey and get ready to learn, be educated, and engage! #ThinkPrevention 

Peer 2 Peer

Our Peer to Peer programs are designed to share valuable information on the perils of drugs, substance abuse, gangs, and other community issues to assist youth about choosing to live healthy, drug free lives through pro-social messaging by their peers.