Odd Squad Junior Series

The Odd Squad Junior Series will profile educational and prevention-based topics for youth by youth! Odd Squad is committed to helping educate through Four Pathways: Digital Media, Physical Literacy, Presentations and Peer-to-Peer programs. Join us for the video journey and get ready to learn, be educated, and engage! #ThinkPrevention 
For more information contact us at info@oddsquad.com

New Episode Coming the 1st of the Month at 10:00am PST

If you would like to see a certain topic please contact us here!

    Production Team

    Toby Hinton

    Production Assistants
    Launa Hinton
    Jenna Graham

    Brendon Frick

    Steve Plitt
    Maximilian Wiesinger

    Viniel Kumar

    Tom Keenlyside
    John Donnelly

    Facility Manager
    Brian Shipper

    Tobin Hinton Jr.
    Lowan Le Bris

    Japanese: Saya Shipper
    Traditional Chinese: Liwen Zhang
    Simplified Chinese: Liwen Zhang
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