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“Be the Change You Seek” OSP - VPD PSA Trilogy:

Part 1

It was our privilege to film the Vancouver Police Department’s (VPD) Recruiting Public Service (PSA) Announcement trilogy: Be the Change You Seek. Through this series of three PSAs, we are hoping to offer a fresh youth perspective on how frontline responders are perceived. In PSA 1 we look through the lens of a child’s daydreaming for a future career as a police officer along with an interlude highlighting the positive connection with police and youth. These experiences can make a significant difference in influencing a child. PSA 1 has the subtext theme of partnerships and looking after each other built into the sequences.

Part 2

A child’s mind is curious by nature. In PSA 2 youthful curiosity is combined with the interest of learning about a future career with the VPD in a variety of Specialty Sections, such as crime scene investigation with Forensics or riding horses with the Mounted Squad. Be the Change You Seek shows how a child’s imagination, curiosity and passion can translate into a bright future through hobbies they enjoyed as a youth to a career later in life.

Part 3 (In Production)

Team work is an important concept in life. It is only with partners in policing that we are able to undertake innovative work, solve crimes, develop prevention programs and work with our younger generation on sports programs and fun activities. Working together, from youth to seniors, civilian to sworn members, all with a common goal of improving the safety and security of the community is the theme of PSA 3 in the final instalment of the Be the Change You Seek Odd Squad PSA trilogy.

Gang PSA 1

For Safer Schools Together

Gang PSA 2

For Safer Schools Together

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