About Odd Squad Productions Society

Our Mission

Odd Squad ascribes to the notion that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ and that drug prevention and education programs are a much more effective and a healthier investment for our youth than treatment. Using a unique combination of documentary films, presentations, peer-to-peer workshops and judo based training, Odd Squad members strive to help guide today’s youth through the difficult personal and social issues such as drug usage and addiction, gang recruitment and involvement with their unique reality-based educational programs.

Our Vision

Odd Squad’s vision is to use reality-based film work, presentations and peer-to-peer work to educate youth, encourage positive goal setting and healthy choices around risky behaviour, and encourage our youth to stay “On Track” by keeping drug-free for a long and healthy life.

Our Story

Odd Squad Productions is a charitable organization comprised of serving and retired police officers, volunteers, and is recognized as an international leader in the field of drug and gang education for youth. Donations made to Odd Squad Productions help the organization in delivering valuable and needed reality-based education on the consequences of engaging in risky behaviour to thousands of youth in the Lower Mainland, throughout B.C, and across Canada.

Our History

Odd Squad Productions Society is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization, created in 1997 by seven Vancouver City Police Officers. Our goal is to empower youth to make positive life choices about drug use and criminal behaviour through educational material as well as documentaries.

Today’s youth face difficult choices, enormous peer pressure, and more readily available and potent mind-altering drugs than at any other time in history. Furthermore, we aim to educate the public about the devastating effects that high-risk behaviour has on members of our community.

The work of Odd Squad Productions developed on the streets of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver from the grassroots educational work of a group of beat police officers. The personal connections of the officers of Odd Squad with the devastating consequences of drug usage are at the forefront of our productions. By building on this unique relationship we aim to educate and encourage healthy and positive lifestyles for youth.

  • EDUCATES youth on avoiding risky behavior
  • EMPOWERS them to make positive choices
  • IMPACTS by encouraging long, healthy lives

Odd Squad Productions Society delivers valuable and needed reality-based education on the consequences of engaging in risky behavior to thousands of students, parents, teachers, and community groups in the Lower Mainland, throughout B.C., Alberta, and across Canada.Our structure is composed of numerous active and retired police members and a dedicated cohort of volunteers which keeps this not-for-profit charitable organization busy and productive.

Why We Educate The Way We Do

Odd Squad Productions Society knows that drugs have no boundaries. Our mission is to empower youth to create lifelong changes regarding drug use and criminal behavior for themselves, their peers, and their communities. Young people must know the real effects they face and the risks attached should they decide to use drugs.

The key to our success is both in the content and delivery of the program. Our interactive presentations and practical sessions contain simple, true information about the physical and mental effects of drugs, as well as other social issues related to drug use. The delivery of the program includes a walkabout in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and interaction with individuals battling drug addiction on the street.
Clearly, education and prevention is a good thing, and Odd Squad Productions Society wants to prevent children and youth becoming involved in gangs or using drugs. Once a young person or young adult truly understands the consequences to using drugs, as it relates to their life and those around them, they usually make better decisions around risky behaviour. It is on this basis that our program was developed over 20 years ago and has continued to see success with youth throughout Canada.

Our educators provide a realistic picture of drug use. Odd Squad Productions Society doesn’t just tell kids to “say no”; we educate them to come to that conclusion on their own. Odd Squad strives to educate our youth through peer-to-peer mentoring, documentary film productions, and interactive presentations, the value of making healthy choices around risky behaviour.

Our Team

The members of Odd Squad’s Board of Directors are volunteers who are elected in accordance with the by-laws set out in its constitution. The Board of Directors consists of community members with a variety of knowledge and experience in finance, education, addiction medicine, finance, management, business administration, marketing, service, and policing.

OSP Members

Board of Directors

Former OSP Members

Executive Director
Sgt. Toby Hinton (Ret.)

Director of Business Operations
Gerry Zipursky

Film Production
Sgt. Toby Hinton (Ret.)
Brian Shipper
Cst. Fred Oldendorf
Cst. Al Arsenault (Ret.)
Cst. Brendon Frick
Sgt. Mark Steinkampf (Ret.)
Cst. David Steverding

Drug Education
Sgt. Mark Steinkampf (Ret.)
Cst. David Steverding

Jr. A Hockey Mentorship Program
Cst. Chris Graham (Ret.)
Cst. Brendon Frick
Cst. Doug Spencer (Ret.)

Peer-to-Peer Youth Mentoring
Cst. David Steverding
Sgt. Mark Steinkampf (Ret.)

Gang Education
Cst. Doug Spencer (Ret.)
Det. Anisha Parhar
Sgt. Sandy Avelar

Odd Squad Juniors
Tobin Hinton Jr.
Darius Bezic
Daniel Li
Liwen Zhang
Saya Shipper

Supporting Members
Sgt. Greg Myerhoff (Ret.)
Cst. Laura Shaw

Fitness/Police Judo Volunteer Coordinators
S/Cst. Chin-I Hsiang
Brian Shipper
Launa Hinton

Research Advisors
Dr. Kim Polowek
University of the Fraser Valley Criminology Department

Dr. Garth Davies
SFU School of Criminology

Legal Advisor
A/Supt. Jennifer Keyes

Music Composer
Tom Keenlyside
John Donnelly

Viniel Kumar

S/Sgt. Wayne Wilton (Ret.)
Julie Scott
Dina Bezic

Tech Support
Venoth Govinthasamy
Max Wiesinger

Jane Denizmen
Liz Barlinan
Clare Del Rosario

Volunteer Coordinators
Brian Shipper
Cst. Brendon Frick
S/Cst. Chin-I Hsiang
Cindy Morrison
Marcie Munro
Tara Dewingaerde

Board of Directors

Dr. Bill MacEwan, Providence Health Care

Vice President
Tom Stamatakis, Canadian Police Association

A/Supt. Jennifer Keyes, BC Police Academy Director

Richard Robins, Greenview Management


John L. Daly, Retired Global News Reporter

Diana Zoppa, Zoppa Media Group

Theresa Campbell, Safer Schools Together

Jim Byrnes, Musician/Actor/Radio Host

Howard Blank, Point Blank Entertainment

Kris Pope, Dexter Associates Reality

Sam Feldman

Anastase Maragos, Watson Goepel

Dave Rebic, Railcraft Industries

Supt. Rob Rothwell, (Ret. VPD)

Former OSP Members

Insp. Dale Wiedman

Sgt. Dave Kolb (Ret.)

Sgt. Len Hollingsworth

Cst. Walter McKay (Ret.)

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