Brian Shipper

Brian Shipper

Expert Coordinator, Police Judo, Police Film Work

Areas of Expertise and Strengths

  • extensive movie industry knowledge with specialization in props, directing, producing, and scheduling of film project employees and volunteers
  • Judo expert with extensive martial arts training and teaching experience; co-founder of Police Judo (2010)
  • extremely hardworking and diligent to project goals and organization
  • significant knowledge of police operations and practices through extensive network of police contacts and students
  • proven to be trustworthy and reliable in his dealings with sensitive police film shoots


Brian is a long-time member with Odd Squad Productions and works on the film production side of all documentary productions. He has been a producer for a number of Odd Squad documentaries including Tears for April (2007), The Beat reality series (2008 – 2010), Riding with Madonna (2007), Scathed (2007), Stolen Lives (2007), Understanding Fentanyl (2018), and Gangs and Guns (2010 and 2020).

Brian is a current member of IATSE and has extensive experience movie industry work in BC, specializing in props. Brian understands the needs and demands for the film industry and coordinates Odd Squad resources to meet the specific needs of each client.

Brian is also the Head Instructor for the VPD Police Judo Club. Brian Shipper firmly established the unique VPD Police Judo program over 25 years ago. Brian is now the first contract Judo instructor hired by any police agency in Canada, and he oversees all the evening judo training for the VPD. He also manages VPD Police Judo training sessions for VPD Ethnic Diversity, the Law Enforcement Studies Diploma, International police university students, VPD Cadets, Ray Cam Police Athletic League Judo, Police Judo Food Drives, and more.