Det. Cst. Shawn Shipper

Det. Cst. Shawn Shipper

Major Crime Investigation, Beat Policing, Script Writing

Areas of Expertise and Strengths

  • leading and working within complex police investigations
  • understanding crime scenes, evidence analysis
  • warrant writing, suspect interviews, victim management
  • beat policing, patrol tactics and field training


Shawn is a current Vancouver Police Officer with 15 years of experience on the job. Shawn spent 8 years of his career in patrol, including 4 years as a Beat Officer in the Downtown Eastside where he led numerous drug investigations and was successful in arresting and charging multiple predatory drug dealers. During his time as a patrol officer, Shawn acted as a field trainer for 5 recruits and he was also an acting supervisor on the road. Those years in uniform provided him with an extensive experience in a variety of police calls, from the very minor to the most major, as well as placed him into a variety of “hands-on” use of force situations.

Currently an investigator in the VPD Major Crime Section where he has been working for the last 4 years, Shawn has led a variety of complex investigations that include homicides, attempt murders, robberies, political threats and more. Shawn has personally obtained confessions from murderers, bank robbers, stabbing suspects and many others. The experience gained along with his training has given him insight into the variety of police techniques available to assist in pursuing the most thorough investigation possible.

Prior to his career as a Police Officer, Shawn lived in South Korea and Japan for many years, where he worked as an English teacher. Shawn has also lived in Los Angeles where he wrote screenplays and had success in that venture with sales and options.

Shawn has been a long-serving volunteer for Odd Squad Productions Society which continues to this day as he writes and works on projects for the Odd Squad. In his spare time, he continues to work on his own writing projects and travel with his family.