Ret. Det. Cst. Chris Graham

Ret. Det. Cst. Chris Graham

Undercover Work, Script Concepts, Intelligence

Areas of Expertise and Strengths

  • extensive street, undercover, and covert forms of policing
  • subject matter expertise in all aspects of gambling
  • significant experiences in matters relating to drug interdiction, human trafficking, proceeds of crime, money laundering, gambling, robbery, homicide, and organized crime group
  • extensive knowledge of covert police operations and outcomes of many high-profile, extensive, undercover police operations
  • started decades-old Junior ‘A’ Hockey drug prevention program


Chris Graham began his law enforcement career in 1980, at Vancouver, British Columbia, as a Deputy Sheriff. He has extensive knowledge of Canadian juris prudence, prison environments, and administrative justice procedures.

In 1985, Chris joined the Vancouver Police Department and was initially assigned to the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. He ultimately spent his career split between various Intelligence Units (Asian, Eastern European and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs) and Major Crimes Investigation teams (Drugs/Homicide). He has worked on several integrated task forces involving drug interdiction, human trafficking, proceeds of crime, money laundering, robbery, homicide and organized crime groups.

Chris was also a member of the integrated Provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit in his final years on the job (“cold case” files). He has a complex understanding of various covert investigative techniques, including, intelligence gathering, informant handling, crime boss scenarios (“Mr. Big” investigations), listening device installation and the monitoring of private communications, warrant writing, and protocols and applications of static and mobile surveillance.

Chris is currently employed as a regulatory investigator in the Organized Gambling Control Office of British Columbia. He is a subject matter expert in all aspects of legal and illegal gaming practices, including but not limited to, money laundering, cheating at play, and other activities associated to the casino, horse racing, and the lottery industry. He has a comprehensive understanding of casino operations.

Chris has travelled extensively throughout his career and continues to liaise with a wide network of colleagues in a variety of law enforcement agencies, both domestically and abroad. Chris is a founding member of Odd Squad Productions Society and he has experience in film, music, and event productions. He has received numerous citations and commendations for his excellence in police work. In 2018 he was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal (M.S.M.) from the Governor General of Canada for his volunteer work in the community.