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Arrestee Stand-Up

a) Concepts

Give an arrestee an active role in both rolling over and standing up using clear and concise language to do so.

To get a prone arrestee into the seated position, use the spiral stand-up technique by pulling the inside crook of his far elbow towards you while telling him to “Roll towards me” and “Sit up” (he could roll onto your hand and trap you if you were to reach across his upper arm).

First, acquire a hold of his shoulder/neck to prevent being headbutted, the attain a rear, entangled bent-wristlock (or rear double twistlock).

PRO TIP: Rather than you physically “lifting” him to his feet, possibly hurting your back (or his shoulder) in the process, give him simple directions to “Tuck in this (near-side) leg” (lower leg flat on the ground with his heel towards his groin) and to “Stand up” when he is pushed forward in a spiral fashion onto his bent knee.

Ask him if he understands what to do and that he must do the work to comfortably stand up.

Once his weight is pushed above the base formed by his bent knee and other foot, he can easily stand up on his own power (but feel free to guide him with a push).

Adopt a single-kneeling stance that is strongest for you and rise up with him in a tight spiral keeping a hand on his upper back or neck.

If he is very heavy, having your advanced leg in the kneeling position is likely strongest, as you would ned your bag leg to push him over his knee; if the person is light, then the reverse stance would suffice.

Moving him in a tight spiral stand-up will keep you from stepping on his feet, as you are merely pivoting in place.

Do not relinquish control over his upper body as his best way of escaping custody in this close-quarters position is to headbutt you (use a rear bent-wristlock or twistlock).

PRO TIP: If you need to change hands for some reason, change hands at his neck first and then let your now-free hand attend to its duty—changing your hands at his wrists leaves your face unguarded.

Once he is in the standing position, switch to the rear double-twistlock escort grip to move him for transportation to the wagon.