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Body Searches

b) Key Points

In Code V situations, a subject spin-around to visually check his waistband can be done before proning him out.

The general rule is to handcuff an arrestee before fully searching him during arrests.

Make sure that he cannot escape from you or assault you when patting him down.

To thwart resistance, always hold onto his elbow (with his feet wide apart if deemed necessary) if he is standing.

PRO TIP: search his rear waistband first by pulling his clothing up across the handcuff chain to protect your searching hand from his scratching hands; the waistband is where he will likely stash weapons and contraband.

Do not let him (or his friends) run interference during your search—interpret antics as decoy ploys, meaning that you are about to discover something.

Conduct skin and body cavity searches in gender-matched privacy and in an appropriately private setting.

Slow down to take the time to do a thorough and careful search (note any search deficiencies on his arrest form).

Use good tactics and wear the appropriate protective equipment.