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H-CUFF® (Hands-On Control Using Functional Force)
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Handcuffing Tips

g) Cuff Maintenance

Keep your cuffs clean of debris; don’t use oily lubes which retain dust, dirt, and other detritus (try graphite or other products on the market).

PRO TIP: Clean and lubricate your cuffs regularly to make sure that they move and lock/unlock easily.

After wet nights with an open carry pouch, dry them off and lube them up.

Rust will certainly screw your cuffs up, to the point that they will lose their functionality and even get stuck on a wrist (call the Fire Department!).

Give the single strands a spin to make sure all is well with them, especially if you are getting them back from the jail (sometimes they accidentally get double locked).

Do not use them for unintended purposes (e.g., bottle cap opener, mouth de-clencher, makeshift coupling, etc.).

Criminals have been known to destroy handcuffs while wearing them, so damage due to thwarted attempts may go unnoticed until they are back in service.

Some agencies assign cuffs to each of their officers, while others get any pair back from lock-up that they can get their hands on, so checking their functionality upon return is essential.