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Searching Tips

c) Detailed Clothing Searches

For detailed searches to be made on clothing, it is best they are removed from the arrestee (seams offer ideal hiding spots as in the front flaps of pants, waistbands and collars that can be slit open, as can ballcaps, belts, tongues, and soles of running shoes, etc.).

Designer pouches and pockets can even be bought in ordinary pieces of clothing and jewelry (this is over and above the usual hiding places like the waistband, underwear, socks, and shoes).

PRO TIP: Concealment can occur inside jewelry, under watch straps, in bras (ladies, watch for the gripping of the low side of the bra cup as to include the grasping of contraband, making the subsequent free shaking of the breasts of no consequence).

Shoes and boots can have compartments hollowed out in the heels and soles to conceal drugs in particular.

Even ordinary items such as paper clips, bobby pins, and safety pins can be used to pick or shim handcuffs.