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H-CUFF® (Hands-On Control Using Functional Force)
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Escort To Transportation

a) Concepts

The officer must maintain control over his arrestee at all times, even if it is by simple elbow control.

After standing him up, you can maintain the rear, entwined bent-wristlock, or rear escort-twistlock while also taking a hold of his shoulder/neck to prevent being headbutted.

Ensure that the handcuffs are double locked and finalize your search of his body—encourage the wagon driver (or whomever else takes control over the prisoner) to do his own search.

PRO TIP: Notify others whom you are passing him off to of any search deficiencies, application of OC spray, potential medical problems, or violent tendencies (call EHS at the scene if there are heart/breathing problems or complaints, or there are obvious physical injuries).

If transporting a prisoner in your own vehicle, search it prior to putting him in it and buckle him in the rear passenger seat.

Have another officer sit (behind driver) beside your arrestee if a wagon is not being used.

The rear, escort twistlock-grip will allow you to walk him without tripping on his feet as tends to happen with the rear entwined bent-armlock.

This twistlock grip will also allow you to take him down using the Fawcett Wrench takedown technique at any time (protect his head by gripping his shoulder clothing well!).

Monitor his movements, like slipping his handcuffs to a frontal position, and correct this before escorting him.