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Formal Arrest

b) Key Points

Do not give advance notice, if possible, of your intention to arrest him lest he use it to create an opportunity to fight or flee.

Move into a tactically advantageous position first and gain elbow control while just telling him loudly and assertively that he is “under arrest” (for the benefit of himself and witnesses).

Place him in a position where he cannot move around (corral him with obstacles in your immediate environment and cut off his escape routes).

If he is problematic, take him to the ground, but be sure that can breathe freely after being handcuffed (i.e., do not hogtie him).

PRO TIP: give him further details of his arrest after he has been handcuffed as you do not want to hold court on the street while he is unrestrained, nor do you want to violate his privacy with the cell phone paparazzi milling about (kindly remind them if they get too close, about such privacy issues).

Make detailed notes about what transpired (in written from in your notebook and in more detail in your investigation report).