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H-CUFF® (Hands-On Control Using Functional Force)
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Initial Control

c) Control Advantages

Establishing early and effective control offers an element of surprise and little time for him to plan an attack or adrenalize himself.

PRO TIP: A one-handed elbow grip is useful in steering him for escort purposes, gaining superior body positioning, thwarting attacks by thrusting the elbow at the direction of the threat, or for disrupting his balance to take him down.

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The modified escort grip allows for the most secure low-level seizure of the arm without having to resort to joint locks.

You can slide in closer to him to acquire the standard escort grip, especially if a partner is holding the other arm.

The use of the single twistlock offers quick control right from the escort grip, but it is the weakest of the twistlock series because the twisting potential is limited.

The double twistlock is the most versatile and effective joint lock for LE use.

PRO TIP: The use of the double twistlock (coupled with the shoulder bridge) reduces the ability of the arrestee to offer most forms of effective resistance.

Knowing the types of resistance that can be offered and knowing just one response to them allows you to maintain a seamless continuum of control over your arrestee.