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H-CUFF® (Hands-On Control Using Functional Force)
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Prone Rollover

b) Key Points

The bent wristlock rollover is standard method used as it allows for an arm bar to be applied, but there are many forms of joint-lock rollovers (including those made from the ground by driving his elbow across his body), the handshake rollover being the simplest.

Use the directionality of your chosen joint lock to match the intended movement of his body.

If applying a straight arm lock to facilitate the rollover, apply pressure to the back of his elbow with your trailing knee or by using your fore-knuckles of your hand to his triceps tendon.

Keep the pressure of the locks on with consistent force to deter resistance and to maintain continuous control.

PRO TIP: Never step across his torso as this will give him an opportunity to attack you with his uncontrolled limbs; walk around top of his head.

Stepping across his body will also screw up the joint lock and proper arm rotation.

If he inadvertently slides (or tries rolling away) pin the closest or leading part of his body (or a piece of his clothing) with your foot as to pin it in place to facilitate the rollover.