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H-CUFF® (Hands-On Control Using Functional Force)
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Supine Standing Armlock

b) Key Points

Use the supine standing armlock technique as a transitional one given his ability to attack you.

If he is taken down in the supine position, roll him over immediately onto to stomach to keep his body weapons facing away from you.

Seize his arm firmly between your legs and use a bent wristlock in combination with a straight armbar, using either of your inner thighs/knees as fulcrum.

Maintain the bent wristlock (with his fingers always pointing at his head) using a downward posting action of his straight arm shoulder into the ground (aided by the bent wristlock) to help keep him in the prone position if he is needed to stay in this position (with other officers present), otherwise kneeling on his chest is not needed in this transitional position.