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H-CUFF® (Hands-On Control Using Functional Force)
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Tactical Approach

c) Control Advantages

By continuously fixating on his hands (as well as peripherally on your environment), he may not risk tossing evidence or accessing weapons unnoticed.

PRO TIP: if you look away, even briefly, tossed evidence may be found later, but not in his legal possession; weapons can be injuriously discovered.

Trusting no one while looking for discordant body leaks may reveal his true intentions (study body language for pre-assault cues).


Adopting a position to his (strong) blind side makes it harder for him to assault you (a cover officer can approach on his opposite side) and will keep your gun-side away from him.

Using coordinated tandem arrest tactics is far safer than one-on-one situations as this minimizes risks of assault, hazards, and unexpected complications, etc.