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H-CUFF® (Hands-On Control Using Functional Force)
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Tactical Approach

b) Key Points

Make your exact location known in advance so that you do not have to try to do so when calling for cover under stress as during an attack or foot pursuit.

Keeping a safe distance buys you valuable reaction time and allows you to see more of his body.


Assess his potential for violence through the presence of weapons (concealed on him, or within his reach, or as ones of opportunity), his body language (pre-assault cues), sobriety level, mental disposition, etc.

PRO TIP:***** MISSING *****.

What is his frame of mind? Is he tracking your movements (and that of your cover officer)?.

What is he focusing on (your weapons, doors to escape through, proximal hazards he can use to hurt you, his nearby friends)?

What is his demeanour like (angry, challenging, etc.)? What threat does he pose to you (drugged up, drunk, mentally charged, strong)?

Reposition the interaction in your favour if discretionary time allows for it (stay off the roadway, be under streetlights, not below open windows, etc.)

Assess the need for back-up early and request it subtly if needed.