The Big 50/50 For BC Kids!

In 2023 Odd Squad Productions hosted over 5,000 youth check-ins at our Burnaby-based charity Odd Squad Productions (OSP), and the members of OSP contributed thousands of volunteer hours of time to help provide young people with prevention programs based on physical literacy (fitness, outdoor activities, woodwork and judo training) as well as film based education. We were also able to help youth with travel and training opportunities across Canada and beyond!

All youth supported by OSP are involved in volunteer and community work to start the “giving back” philosophy for our organization.In 2024, with the growing demand, we are set to double our youth check-ins, to increase our ability to provide them with OSP food and meals, and to expand our outreach by developing more online videos like the Fentanyl educational course due out in March 2024.  We help a wide range of youth aged 5 to early 20s, from all types of backgrounds, including many new immigrants – there are no barriers for young people to get help and support from OSP.The OSP charity is grass roots with only 2 employees, and it is driven by a legion of dedicated volunteers. We can’t operate without support and funding.  As a charity, we are responsible for raising all of our operating funds. 

This year we have paired up with the Zajac Ranch and the Cerebral Palsy Association of BC to launch a 50/50 draw. With our grassroots organization every dollar raised will go to support the most important investment we can make: our youth.Any help you can provide to support the 50/50 draw is greatly appreciated! The larger the pot grows the easier it is to raise funds, so every order helps.  Please know that the investment will be paid forward to our younger generation by the great work of the Odd Squad Team. And who knows – you might find yourself with a bucket of money for good karma!

If you would like to donate directly to Odd Squad Productions, that is also an option, through this link Donation – Odd Squad Productions Society.