The Odd Christmas Party Wrap

❆ The Odd Christmas Party Wrap 

Thanks for being there!


Squad and XMAS party volunteers

We sincerely thank those who were able to join us on December 1 for the Odd XMAS Party. 200 guests enjoyed a magical night with friends, old and new, who assisted in raising $25,000 towards this year’s efforts with presentations.

Odd Squad members intend to reach 20,000 kids by the end of June 2016 with their drug and gang presentations.

It’s not too late to donate and your contribution goes a long way.

Odd Squad members have been delivering valuable educational presentations to youth for 18 years. In order to keep the information current and timely for the kids, presentations and equipment needs to be upgraded and overhauled on a continual basis.

It’s not too late to assist us with these costs. 

For your donation, Odd Squad will provide the list of schools, interest groups and youth programs they present to by June 2016. You will also receive a charitable receipt for donations.