Gangs and Guns


Gangs & Guns is a documentary that digs deep into the culture and inner workings of criminal gangs. In partnership with Surrey Safe Schools, Odd Squad interviewed professionals, social workers, police, and gang members to inform viewers  about gang structure, recruitment, and prevention/intervention strategies for youth who are involved in, or at risk from gang activity.

Notes on Use:

1 You may download this film for private, personal, library or classroom use only. Public screenings and institutional (non-educational institutions) use are not permitted. You can copy each file up to X times, onto various devices. Films cannot be hosted on a streaming server, to add films to an institutional or educational streaming server, simply contact a sales agent to discuss pricing.
2 Prices include the rights to screen this film in institutional settings and in free public screenings.

For public performance rights where admission is being charged: 25% of ticket revenue (contact us for details)

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