Stolen Lives


This high-impact short film deals with the highly-dangerous and destructive criminal act of stealing cars. RCMP officer Tim Shields explains that the vast majority of car thieves are those who are addicted to drugs. They steal cars and trucks so they can commit other crimes to raise cash and buy more drugs. All too many times, death ensues.

Notes on Use:

1 You may download this film for private, personal, library or classroom use only. Public screenings and institutional (non-educational institutions) use are not permitted. You can copy each file up to X times, onto various devices. Films cannot be hosted on a streaming server, to add films to an institutional or educational streaming server, simply contact a sales agent to discuss pricing.
2 Prices include the rights to screen this film in institutional settings and in free public screenings.

For public performance rights where admission is being charged: 25% of ticket revenue (contact us for details)

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