Recent Testimonials from OSP’s Facebook Page

“I bought the VHS Tap of “Through a Blue Lens” When it first came out, I believe in 1999. My kids and I watched it about once a year. It really touched my heart. I never stopped thinking about all those people especially Nicola. I still wonder about her today. I found someone had taken a photo of her as recent as 2010 still in Vancouver. I feel so bad for all the people that fall victim to the drug dealers and these horrible drugs that take over our young peoples minds and body and make it next to impossible to stop and live a healthy normal life. It is so sad. Thanks so much to the Odd Squad for teaching me and my children so much about this scary world of drug use; and thanks to those drug users that care enough about other kids and shared their stories to try and make a difference.”

J.B. – Michigan, U.S.A.


“Just want to say how great I think your videos are. I show Through a Blue Lens to my grade 8 class every year and it really makes them think. Several students have thanked me years later when they’ve been put in the situation of having to make a choice. They remember the video and say “no thanks””

K.T.H. – Ontario, Canada