Recent Testimonials from OSP’s Facebook Page

“I bought the VHS Tap of “Through a Blue Lens” When it first came out, I believe in 1999. My kids and I watched it about once a year. It really touched my heart. I never stopped thinking about all those people especially Nicola. I still wonder about her today. I found someone had taken a photo of her as recent as 2010 still in Vancouver. I feel so bad for all the people that fall victim to the drug¬†dealers and these horrible drugs that take over our young peoples minds and body and make it next to impossible to stop and live a healthy normal life. It is so sad. Thanks so much to the Odd Squad for teaching me and my children so much about this scary world of drug use; and thanks to those drug users that care enough about other kids and shared their stories to try and make a difference.”

J.B. – Michigan, U.S.A.


“Just want to say how great I think your videos are. I show Through a Blue Lens to my grade 8 class every year and it really makes them think. Several students have thanked me years later when they’ve been put in the situation of having to make a choice. They remember the video and say “no thanks””

K.T.H. – Ontario, Canada