Tears for April Educational Version Digital Download With Facilitators’ Guide


Tears for April: Beyond the Blue Lens follows April Reoch from her arrival in the DTES at age seventeen, and her demise due to the consumption of drugs with her journey into the world of addiction. Three other subjects are profiled, Randy who was a long-time resident of the DTES, Dan who was April’s boyfriend and April’s son Daniel.

This reality based documentary is intense and graphic and is intended to provide the viewer with insight into the real consequences of people making poor choices where correction remains a constant struggle. Each addict has their own story and perspective; however, the overriding theme always comes back to lives lost and this documentary provides an accurate picture of the high risks when it comes to substance abuse and addiction.

As a facilitator presenting this film, it is hoped that you will read this guide and offer students the opportunity to not only view the film, but also to express their perspectives and apply them to the choices they may be making or those that other individuals in their lives may be making.

Suggested audiences: Secondary school Grades 10-12, alternative education schools, school or community-based programs working with drug-active youth or high-risk youth.

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