Testimonial by Kway Middle School principal Ms. Laurie Ebenal

“The Odd Squad presentation was well received by the entire Kwayhquitlum community. Parents, who attended the event, appreciated the authentic and real aspects of the presentation. Teachers and students were impacted by the stories of the people living with addiction on the downtown east side. The presentation had a raw element that did not sugar coat the potential direction drug use can take you. The teachers appreciated the educational and health aspect of the presentation and that you didn’t lecture to the students. Providing concrete facts and riveting stories allowed a platform for students to explore the information from a empowered position. Thank you once again.” Ms. Laurie Ebenal (Principal, Kway Middle School – SD43)

Drug presentation & DTES walk-about

Leave a comment ‘Behind the Blue Line’ » By: sandra@behindtheblueline.ca Two Friday’s ago, the Odd Squad gave their drug presentation to my daughter’s sports team to provide the girls a basic understanding about the hazards of drug use. The presentation was the same provided to high schools but was tailored to the small group, which was ideal as the girls were in their peer environment. In addition to the officers giving the talk, hubby and I were also there – me in uniform, and hubby as a chaperone – but we left the room when it came time for Q&A so the girls would feel comfortable asking whatever questions they needed to ask.   Apparently, they asked some excellent questions. The officers giving the talk weren’t sworn to secrecy; they were respecting the girls and allowing them the freedom of unfettered curiosity so I’m not sure of the exact questions, but what was clear was this – even though they have heard about cocaine and heroin, the girls showed their naivety and innocence by not knowing what the drugs actually were, and their questions focused more around drinking and cigarettes. In the end, we, as parents and educators, cannot make decisions for our children, […]

The Harsh Reality of Drug Use in Vancouver: A Presentation by Laura, Gr. 10

Laura, Gr. 10, just completed an interactive training session with Odd Squad Productions ON TRACK peer to peer program. Laura had the chance to train with VPD officers and hear real-life stories from drug addicts on the street. On May 2, 2012 she talked to students & staff about the realities of drug use in Vancouver: Click here to WATCH the video presentation

Recent Testimonials from OSP’s Facebook Page

“I bought the VHS Tap of “Through a Blue Lens” When it first came out, I believe in 1999. My kids and I watched it about once a year. It really touched my heart. I never stopped thinking about all those people especially Nicola. I still wonder about her today. I found someone had taken a photo of her as recent as 2010 still in Vancouver. I feel so bad for all the people that fall victim to the drug dealers and these horrible drugs that take over our young peoples minds and body and make it next to impossible to stop and live a healthy normal life. It is so sad. Thanks so much to the Odd Squad for teaching me and my children so much about this scary world of drug use; and thanks to those drug users that care enough about other kids and shared their stories to try and make a difference.” J.B. – Michigan, U.S.A.   “Just want to say how great I think your videos are. I show Through a Blue Lens to my grade 8 class every year and it really makes them think. Several students have thanked me years later when they’ve been […]

Testimonial #7

Dear Toby and team, I wanted to send a note expressing my thanks for the Tears for April production. As you may know, I was formerly at the VPD in Planning and Research for several years, but in 2010 moved down to Seattle to teach at Seattle University for the year. One of my teaching assignments was Criminal Law, in which we explored the laws surrounding ‘victimless’ crimes, with a specific focus on drug possession and addiction. As I’m sure you know, the US laws concerning drug possession have resulted in a significant increase in the number of individuals sentenced to prison, putting strain on the criminal justice system in numerous ways. My intention with showing this film was to bring the discussion back from examining the laws in place, to considering the human side of addiction and the need for more problem-oriented responses. My undergraduate students in the Criminal Law class were asked to put together a ‘reflection statement’ following their viewing of the film. I thought it would be appropriate to share just a few of their comments with you. I should note as well that I also showed this video in my graduate class on Law and […]