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This educational resource aims to educate our children/young adults in the hope that they will make healthier life choices, build capacity, and demonstrate an understanding of the inherent danger that fentanyl is posing in our communities. While adolescence may be a time to develop independence that can include an element of risk-taking and pushing boundaries, our young people need to understand that there is no “personal choice” when using fentanyl. That choice is taken away and left to the drug dealers and manufacturers. Individuals who experiment with drugs have no choice regarding the mix of chemicals they are prepared to ingest.
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Course Understanding Fentanyl
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Viewers meet Marshall Smith. Marshall is an addiction recovery expert and talks about how much money people (going through the cycle of addiction) can save society if they move away from drug use. Next, we meet Kodie Jorgensen and Henri Moulier. They talk about their drug use, slipping back into their habit, and how they started using drugs. Finally, we return to Marshall, who talks about the communities’ fear of how addicts can act because they lack education on the disease of addiction and what the solutions are.